The CLC1600, a member of the CLC6410 family of instruments, is a powerful, high-volume chemistry analyzer perfect for both mid-size and large clinical labs, hospitals, reference labs, and research facilities. The CLC1600 offers you peace of mind with its reliable, easy-to-use software, micro-electronics, fluidics, and robust hardware. The efficient design increases productivity, provides better results, and is matched with the outstanding customer support and service that are the hallmarks of Carolina Liquid Chemistries.


The CLC1600 chemistry analyzer features precise results, uses less reagent, and requires less maintenance than comparable products. It uses an advanced photometric and anti-ambient light interference control systems to help ensure precise results. The holographic concave, flat-field grating uses technology that leads to less reagent waste.

CLC1600 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer for In-House Laboratory Equipment

CLC1600 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Fast Facts

  • Affordable
  • Discrete, random access, batch and stat
  • Up to 900 photometric tests per hour, up to 1200 tests with ISE bar-coded sample tubes and reagents
  • Bar-coded ready-to-use reagents (most assays)
  • Extensive reagent test menu
  • Accommodates one-part, two-part, and up to four part-reagents
  • Exemplary after-sale support and validation assistance
  • Excellent for clinical laboratories located in large clinics, hospitals, or reference laboratories of all sizes
  • Cost-effective service agreements
  • Validation assistance and pre-site installation checklist
  • No charge hotline phone support

Comprehensive Support

Pre-site surveys, installation, customer training, validation assistance, and hotline support all come with your CLC1600 chemistry analyzer purchase.

Operating System

A powerful operating system boasts a range of characteristics, including built-in troubleshooting guides, real-time online technical support, user-friendly interfaces, and report customization capabilities.

Automatic Calibration

Robust calibration functionality enables automatic calibration and nine selectable calibration curves. QC is available with Westgard multirules, the Levy-Jenning chart, and a cumulative summary.

Advanced QC Functions

Advanced calibration and QC functions give you the benefits of having an explanation for out-of-range QC; operator calibration overviews, calibration tracking capabilities, and linear and non-linear calibration.

Barcode Scanning

The CLC1600 chemistry analyzer’s barcode scanning functions enable you to use automatic sample barcoding to ensure positive sample identifications. The barcoded reagents lead to fast and accurate reagent loading and tracking.