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Our clients are typically physician’s offices, small hospitals, reference laboratories, and specialty clinics that need outside expertise and assistance to create a lab that will provide accurate results for their patients. We have assembled a large offering of laboratory equipment and laboratory supplies that will satisfy your needs from the beginning of your lab setup to your ongoing needs for supplies.

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Physician’s Offices

More and more physician’s offices are deciding to have their own in-house lab. Rather than sending tests to outside labs that may take days or weeks for results, having your own lab can take patient care up a notch.

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Small Hospitals

Competing with large regional hospitals can be challenging. Finding cost-effective services that allow you to compete with a broad spectrum of services at a high level allows a small hospital to maintain superior patient benefits. Our Readi-Labs are unique and will provide an immediate impact on your bottom line.

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Reference Laboratories

As a private lab providing hundreds of routine and specialty medical tests usually referred by physician’s offices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, maintaining your lab with the correct supplies can be daunting.

We have the equipment, analyzers, and test kits for all of your needs. Staff can easily go online to order and have what they need quickly.

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Specialty Clinics

We serve surgical clinics, chronic end-stage renal dialysis clinics, and rehabilitation clinics. Any clinic that provides care for general surgery, cardiology, urology, internal medicine, and dermatology is likely to have its own lab now.

You let us know how many tests you typically run, and we can help match you up with one of our Readi-Labs. It’s a one-stop shop. We’ve done all the hard work for you.

No matter what type of facility you have we can provide the below services and make it easier than ever to have your own lab.

Contact us today to learn more about the possibilities we provide for online ordering and better ongoing client service.